Stories in Collingwood

Food, Views from a window, birthday

Hiyayakko on the way...

by Stephen Scott

Collingwood — I’m always a bit tentative when using the word ironic; especially after that song1. This time last year for my birthday we devoured an Indian feast in Tokyo with Godfather beer and red wine. This ye...

Birds who think they are people.

by David Hauser

Collingwood — A common source of amusement for my wife and I - birds who genuinely think they are human. Criteria includes: walking on pavement. walking on roads. walking parallel to lines. being a bird. not flyi...

I've drunk countless coffees here in the last year and I'm starting to feel weird about leaving.

by Virginia Murdoch

Collingwood — When I started packing this morning, I was overcome with something almost like nausea. Bagging up clothes to send the the Brotherhood. Choosing which t-shirt goes into the suitcase and which into the ...

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