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Today's Walk, summer, Suburbia

suburbs of the heart

by Stephen Scott

Eltham — “Interesting things happen on the edges where one thing becomes another” — Kevin McCloud. I recently stumbled across a long forgotten Australian ‘alternative’ — a now redundant music genre but well used at a time when there was a clear delineation between the ‘mainstream’ and the aforementioned — band The Agents, from the late 1970s, and their seven inch single “Suburbs Of The Heart”. I used to ...

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Trains, Edgelands, Suburbia

The steel snake awaits.

by Stephen Scott

Eltham — Edgeland. The margins between the city and the country. Some just end up here; for others it is a destination filled with serious intent and ambition. Karl Hyde embraces these margins on his debut a...

Commutes, listening

"Dreams Never End"

by Stephen Scott

Eltham — Let that one go. Wait for a less crowded one. Time. “I can so see them together… Then you wake up and it’s all a dream. Why did that guy have to be there? … seriously … So what if she gets s...

It All Looks Like Art

the humanness of repetition

by Stephen Scott

Eltham — Sharing a wine with Andreas Gursky.

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