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Pokemon Go, party

10 hours later

by Alan Wen

Fairfield — Weed may have been relaxing but 4 hrs of sleep + alcohol and weed is not exactly fun. Best 10 hrs of sleep I had in a long time but it also kept me down for a quarter of the party. Fair trade I guess. Ah well. No hangover tho so I couldn’t have been that bad. Looks like I missed the Pokemon Go event. Well guess I’ll spend today cleaning and preparing for mum’s birthday tomorrow.

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Vote, Australia, Lines


by Alan Wen

Fairfield — Standing in a monster line snaking the public school right now. Hoping we Aussies don’t pull a Brexit. Most people here seem reasonably level headed… Or at least bored. First time in a primary sch...

Brexit, Why?, wtf

Brexit passed....

by Alan Wen

Fairfield — And it’s an overwhelming sense of great retardation.

Man, tbh I only started using this because I heard what I wrote will be engraved into nigh indestructible discs.

by Alan Wen

Fairfield — But since I am here I might as well make something of it. So it’s the night before my COMP1927 final exam, it barely studied because I had already failed the course once. The past papers seemed to be...

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