Stories in Kensington


Foundation Day

by Alan Wen

Kensington — It’s been what? 64(?) years since the founding. Rainy as today though so that dampened the stalls. Didn’t really care for the stalls this time but a bit sad I missed out on the carnival stalls. Stayed...

University, Overwatch, Visual Novels

RIP Tom Ellard (And USYD merger)

by Alan Wen

Kensington — Sitting in on a 2041 lecture. Learning about filters in UNIX. Laptop is out of power (thanks Toshiba). Just got my ass handed to me in Yugioh by Aaron. Need to buff up. Went to the Microsoft Tech ta...

Exams, Life, games

Ahh post exam crash

by Alan Wen

Kensington — Nothing like binging on GTAV and Overwatch post exam. Still can’t believe I can’t fully complete a zip list.

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