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Last drinks for a while

by Steve Farrugia

Newtown — Kev is leaving Australia after living here for 6 years. He and his wife just had twins and made the difficult decision to pack up and move back to Ireland to be with family. While living in Tokyo I got used to having farewell drinks for the many friends that come and go. It was a little weirder this time around. It’s not often you do these things in your home town.


Micro Evolution.

by Sara

Newtown — Finding your own identity or the ‘true you’ can sometimes be like searching for a needle in haystack. Especially when you have masked yourself all these years in circumstances, persona, things and rel...

relationships, Independence

Do we expect too much of relationships?

by Sara

Newtown — I think we do… I think I do… We expect that our partner will be caring, attentive and dependable. Our partner becomes the ‘other half’ of our soul and our living experience, as if we alone are no...

Rachel Park at Archive Space

by Adrian Clement

Newtown — More information here:

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