Stories in Southbank

Perception, Complexity, Seeing

Complexity and Impermanence

by David Wade Chambers

Southbank — Series on Seeing 3 “Since every moment of perception is necessarily limited by the mind’s inability to grasp either the complexity or the impermanence of the flux of reality, perceptions that seem to...

Future, Architecture, climate change


by David Wade Chambers

Southbank — The Melbourne Art Centre spire seemed dank and cold this morning till this hot air balloon suddenly appeared to keep it company. I’d say this augurs well for the day, wouldn’t you?, but I don’t hold...

egalitarianism, Architecture

Two Governor's Houses

by David Wade Chambers

Southbank — One can think of many reasons why the mansion (on the left) which the current Victorian Governor calls home is so much larger than the modest cottage (on the right) in which the first Governor housed ...

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