Stories in Torquay

surfing, Coffee Shops, surfing History

Today's Coffee

by David Wade Chambers

Torquay — What’s that dirty old piece of wood, painted red, on the wall of Today’s Coffee Shop? Well, when you are in one of Australia’s surfing capitals, you can expect to see prized old surf boards used as d...

science fiction, cars

Time Travel

by David Wade Chambers

Torquay — When Marty McFly traveled through time in the movie Back to the Future, his mentor Dr. Emmet “Doc” Brown supplied him with a DeLorian DMC-12, especially modified for the job. The DeLorian was conside...

Christmas, sea

Aussie Beach Holiday

by David Wade Chambers

Torquay — My gym has a Christmas tree and a sea view. Oh . . . and Happy Holidays!

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