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Airports as parallel realities.

by david frança mendes

Rio de janeiro — Not all people like airports. Most people actually dislike them. But there are those who appreciate airports. I do, and a few of my friends do too. People who don’t enjoy the airport experience focus on undeniable discomforts and inconveniences we inevitably go through at them. Those who like airports don’t deny those annoyances and the frequently torturing substance of them. On the contrary, we,...

Fiction, storytelling, Short Fiction

It's 11pm. I get out of a movie theatre and get a taxi cab. And what follows is violent.

by david frança mendes

Rio de janeiro — It’s eleven PM and I’m getting out of a movie called The Canyons. I’m not sure what I think about the film, do I like it or not and why, and it is with this kind of cinephile reasoning in mind that I ...

writing, Books, Bookshops

The whereabouts of a book

by david frança mendes

Rio de janeiro — It took me a long time to publish my first book. It’s funny because I’m a professional writer and above all I have always been a reader, an avid one, and books, more than movies, TV, plays, books defi...

filmmakers, film, Memories

Me and Pedro Almodóvar in the twentieth century.

by david frança mendes

Rio de janeiro — I was a very, very young film critic and he was a budding film auteur. Pedro Almodóvar was already a name recognised to those well informed in the European film/club/music/underground scene but in Bra...

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