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This is an alley where one of the victims of Jack the Ripper was found over a hundred years ago.

by Ashleigh Skelton

Brandon — We were told that if a picture was taken at night, the ghost of the victim could be seen in the photograph. I don’t see it.


A blankie, a bandaid, mom's kiss... For a baby, a toddler, a preschooler; these all have superpowers. They heal, make better, comfort.

by Ashleigh Skelton

Brandon — My poor little guy had such a bad cough and it ended up being bronchitis. Although he didn’t need a bandaid, (today- but they are pretty magical when “owies” arise), he did need his blankie and mommy....

prairie first nations, indigenous, Parks

Stott Site and the Buffalo Jump.

by Barb Manko

Brandon — The Stott site is located just minutes from Brandon, Manitoba. The Stott site was discovered in the 1940’s by owner Frank Stott, who uncovered cultural remains while digging a cellar. He recognized th...


We took in a stray kitten last year. He has the most peculiar mannerisms such as sleeping at the sink.

by Barb Manko

Brandon — There is no greater joy than taking a stray animal and giving it a forever home. Strays love in way that is incomparable with any other animal, I think they know you gave them a chance at love that no...

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