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The clutter of beguile

by David Wade Chambers

Brockville — Deep in the heart of the verb ‘beguile” is the idea of deceptive charm. Beautiful clutter in a house beguiles us through the forthright honesty of the daily lives of things we love — juxtaposed to form new meanings, meanings which vanish when the objects are removed or separated. This is the cruel deception of the museum case. Or, the lies of sentences which bring words together in new ways,...

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Leaving the party at dusk

by David Wade Chambers

Brockville — When people come together, even in small numbers, it can be magic. The dark is banished if just for a while. There were artists, teachers, retired folk, a farmer, a chef, a writer, a flight attenda...

Travel, technology, borders

While in Brockville, it seemed a good idea to slip back across the border for lunch at a Chinese buffet.

by David Wade Chambers

Brockville — When I used to cross this border regularly in the seventies, I believed in the foolishness of such boundaries. People are people, humans are humans, and the nation-state will soon fade away as world ...

animals, cats, Travel

Less than a thousand hours in the Thousand Islands with my friend John and his cat Luna Propofol.

by David Wade Chambers

Brockville — I have visited this place and these friends almost every year for the past twenty or so, even though I live ten thousand miles away. This kind of travel, going back and back, is very different from t...

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