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I Don’t Think He Understands What I Do

by Laura Brady

Caledon — So I took on this huge project, a bit foolishly. I definitely bit off more than I can chew. Twelve-hundred ebooks in about three weeks. Doing the work in my own private sweatshop where the working conditions are less than ideal. (At least I am the only labourer subjected to them.) I worked flat out for two weeks. Sleeping briefly, working sixteen hours a day, eating erratically. I was achey from ...

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Bats are assholes.

by Laura Brady

Caledon — My husband and I were sitting up reading in bed, at 11:30 pm two nights ago. We were chatting when he suddenly started to swat the air like there was a bug. It wasn’t a bug. It was a bat. In my bedro...

A remarkable Brady family find.

by Laura Brady

Caledon — Found under a cupboard in the old family farmhouse in Raleigh Township, Ontario. It was written in my grandmother’s memory book by her soon-to-be husband on her birthday in 1930. If you haven’t guesse...

Hey Mom, I know you're on a business call, but can I?

by Laura Brady

Caledon — When the phone rings three times, it’s the business line. My sons know this and are used to trying to keep the volume down when that happens. This is even more critical in the summer, when they are ha...

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