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Voice, time, Holy Places

We were in Kairos whenever we were in the studio and in Kronos whenever we left it.

by Lia Pas

Calgary — Eleven days at a voice intensive. Eleven days of process. Eleven days of digging deep and breathing down there. Eleven days of song and movement. Eleven days of sound. I’m in Calgary giving myself a couple days to transition back into reality from working with my voice teacher, Richard Armstrong. I need the transition. I need the time to write and wander streets and see a few friends. Every morn...

Parenthood, Brandon Story Class

At the zoo, loving the ice cream face!

by Kelly Barr

Calgary — My first successful attempt at sketching a moment! I was having a lot of trouble with it trying to get my location until I enlisted the help of my tech-savy friend! So this is an old picture of a coup...

Fall, Public Spaces

Beautiful day at work

by Sasha Hull

Calgary — I’ve never had so much satisfaction walking from the car to work as I do now. A small part of it has to do with the setting, autumn is gorgeous in Calgary. Some say it is a little monotonous with too...

Having tea in the van while James does some banking.

by Marlo Lavonne

Calgary — Saturday was an adorable wedding. Sunday we cleaned and organized our apartment for other people to live in. Today we are back at work, cashing cheques, printing commissions, and doing mural stuff. Th...

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