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night, sky, spring

Listening to coyotes calling in the western forest

by Jonathon Reed

Kirkfield — The best nights for star photography are the coldest nights. It was early April—only -2ºC. But Venus was shining above the horizon and the north skies beckoned, so I headed outside to try my luck. With no preparation and out of practice with my equipment, this photo is the best I could do. But it’ll stay with me as that night when the wind pushed against my chest, when I turned my back on the lig...

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Winter, Fire, Family

Chasing away the cold of winter

by Jonathon Reed

Kirkfield — It’s hard to describe the unique joy of skating between maple trees frozen in the ice, crossing one leg over the other and chasing embers through the dark. I’d never experienced anything like it. The ...

night, stars, Camping

Sleeping under the Milky Way

by Jonathon Reed

Kirkfield — We spread out the tarps to the light of the flashlights, zipped up our sleeping bags and lay back, our backs against the ground and our hearts reaching out to the stars. We saw four shooting stars, wa...

Winter, Forest, skiing

Cross-country skiing in the wildlands

by Jonathon Reed

Kirkfield — We drove as far as we could and then strapped on our skis, headed for Smudge Creek deep in Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park. The air was cold and still, and the sky was a deep, rich blue. ...

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