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Oh, Canada.

by Dani Z

Mississauga — As a Canadian living abroad I often find myself comparing Spain to Canada. It’s a tired, but irresistible conversation topic: I talk about what I like, what I miss and what I could live without. Depending on my mood I might say I miss cheap blueberries, but hate the snow; other times I romanticize the snow and the cold and depict Canada as some kind of fantastic northern wonderland. It is true t...

Suburbia, mississauga

The lily thief, the woman in winter clothes, the casual backyard invader.

by Dani Z

Mississauga — Yesterday, after picking me up from the bus terminal my mom reported, angrily, that someone had stolen her Oriental Lilies. She clarified, “Actually, they took the bulb. They left the flowers and the ...

Family, music, Public Performance

Marching to the beat of his own drum track. Literally.

by Laura Brady

Mississauga — Kiddo commits to performing in a middle school honour band. He is representing his school for a public, school-board wide performance in celebration of Music Monday. It’s not really the kind of music ...

race, Culture, Food

The Eurasian Chinese restaurant experience.

by Dani Z

Mississauga — Growing up, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my choice of Chinese restaurants. Given that I grew up in Mississauga (which is not known for making things pretty or distinct) they all look and see...

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