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Remembering Native Soldiers

by Lisa Skulmoski

Ottawa — Often you do not hear very much about the Aboriginal soldier. These heroes, 4000 strong during the First World War and 3,000 strong in the Second World War were extremely brave. They used their talents, gained from their traditional hunting lifestyle, to become exceptional soldiers. These Aboriginals had stealth, marksmanship, patience and bravery, and were invaluable to the Canadian Army as sn...

Canada, Public Transportation

Via Rail Is Just Bad

by Dallas Sanders

Ottawa — I arrived at the Via Station in St. Catharines only to find out the train has been cancelled due to “technical difficulties.” We had to take a bus to Union Station. They wouldn’t even let us take a bu...


Ottawa: arguably the world's most beautiful capitol city.

by David Wade Chambers

Ottawa — Ottawa is a lovely city, just under a million people, lots of galleries, lots of interesting people and from certain vantage points, truly magnificent to see. (For example,

Hooch Bourbon House

by William Johnson

Ottawa — The best Ottawa bar. Easily.

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