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Philosophy, climate change

Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?

by David Wade Chambers

Prince edward — I first saw the famous work by Gauguin D’où Venons Nous / Que Sommes Nous / Où Allons Nous in its home at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, fifty four years ago. It was painted sixty three years before...

age, risk, People

The sign read: Swimming is prohibited due to dangerous undertow.

by David Wade Chambers

Prince edward — Will this in men save the human race or doom it? While I watched them, 60 years of life fell away. I considered plunging into what were surely very calm waters. The experience left me with many ques...

climate change, butterfly, Pollution

This lonely Monarch waited while I fiddled with the camera, then opened his wings for one moment before flitting away.

by David Wade Chambers

Prince edward — From the Canadian Broadcasting System (July 10, 2013): Monarch butterflies have been tough to come by in southern Ontario so far this summer. Early July is normally the time of year when the black ...

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