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Sometimes, as a travel photographer, I go to a country and really want to get a particular shot. This was one of them.

by Conor MacNeill

Guilin — I had seen a lot of shots of the famous cormorant fishermen around south China and really wanted to get an image of these guys myself. I had already formed an idea in my head, which can lead to a crushing disappointment when you don’t fulfill it. I rose at 04:00 and took a car down to the Li River in Yangshuo, Guilin. As I saw this fisherman near the shore, I grabbed my camera from my bag, but al...

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Some spur of the moment shots end up working out just fine.

by Conor MacNeill

Guilin — I said in a previous photo (of a cormorant fisherman) that I had my heart set on getting that shot. I had planned to get it, tried to get it and would have been annoyed if I hadn’t have got it. This ...

Solo Travel

Laser-Back, for an intense journey

by Kevin Kelly

Guilin — Over the decades I’ve honed an effective method for doing a two-week learning vacation that seems to work for most of the people involved. For the lack of a better name I called it Laser-Back travel. ...

photography, china, Behind the Photo

Lighting the Lantern

by Greg Annandale

Guilin — We were up at 4am to meet with the fisherman at our arranged spot. The limestone karsts in the background along with the bamboo forest lining the banks of the river made for quite an impressive locati...

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