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Experiencing the thrill of uncharted territories

by Álvaro Márquez

Shanghai — I like to think of me as an explorer of sorts, as some kind of adventurer that goes on clearing out the way for the rest of us, opening up unforeseen paths and finding meaningful patterns where others see only noise. Elevating Culture. Contextualising technology. Revealing artefacts. Exposing rituals. Designing forward. Probably that has plenty to do with the fact that I grew up watching Harriso...

Shanghai, china, Traveling

Shanghai, the bund, sunrise. Seeing the city from a new perspective, in a new light, on a misty morning.

by Mary Halloran

Shanghai — In Shanghai, life can get rough for an expat. A new night club or a drink at the latest bar on the bund begin to feel old, and you start to wonder just what you’re doing in China. Feeling lost in a ...

Pedestrians, Travel, parklife

'Should old acquaintance be forgot ...'

by So-Shan Au

Shanghai — Dancers in Fu Xing Park, Shanghai, dancing to a Chinese version of Auld Lang Syne. A late afternoon stroll in the park to clear my head after a busy day at work.

china, Taboo

Mister X.

by Jack Cheng

Shanghai — NYC is raving about Escape the Room but Mr. X has been going strong in Shanghai for over a year. Pick your metaphor: real-life Myst, Sleep No More for puzzles, murder mystery dinner sans dinner … Fi...

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