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Travel, Bicycles, childhood


by So-Shan Au

Shenzhen — Whilst on my trip to China, I found myself in Shenzhen, the city my parents are from. It was too good an opportunity not to visit my father’s childhood village. Our driver was pleased to be able to speak some Cantonese and tell me about how the area had changed in the past few years. My father told me stories of his childhood, of a tiny fishing village, surrounded by fields. I was a little sad to...

Travel, Bicycles, childhood

Shenzhen childhood

by So-Shan Au

Shenzhen — This is the ‘village’ that my father grew up in. It’s changed a lot. My father tells me stories of his childhood - of a tiny fishing village, surrounded by fields. I saw these boys playing in the st...

Shenzhen, Singing, karaoke

A Night Of KTV

by Dallas Sanders

Shenzhen — It has been a long time since I have been to a Karaoke place or Nori Bang. It has also been the first time I have been to one stone sober. The place was massive. We were put in room 1976, which I thin...

Travel, hotel, Hotels


by So-Shan Au

Shenzhen — This is what happens after hours at a hotel. We arrived at one thirty in the morning, checking in, after a delayed flight and long taxi queue. Tired and a little cranky, this sight put me in a happie...

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