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Abstract, expiriences

A Beautiful Afternoon

by Robert Tucker

Alajuela — Another morning. I wake up entangled in my sheets. My eyes are tired and I find myself alone in a house where five people used to live. Now it’s just me. As I walk through the hallway of the house, I talk to myself. I’m trying to remember the task I need to get done before the day ends. I take a bath and dress up before breaking my fast. I should have been studying all this week for today’s exam....

Growing Up

Running in the garden, half of the time playing, half of the time fighting. Living without trouble, innocent and young

by Robert Tucker

Alajuela — How did it all happened so fast? All the games and the fights. All the immature jokes and the embarrassing moments. I would like to watch my younger self play with his friends. I would like to watch h...

Abstract, expiriences

The boy, a hero and the craven

by Robert Tucker

Alajuela — I haven’t been sleeping too much in the last couple of weeks. Distractions are keeping me awake, they keep me entertained, they make me forget my problems and responsibilities. But distractions don’t ...

Abstract Expiriences

Sometimes a stranger is worth more than a thousand friends

by Robert Tucker

Alajuela — Suddenly the lights cut off. My reflection is gone. My heart stopped beating a while ago. My lungs are silent. I woke up in the middle of somewhere. I’ve been here before. The sun shines strong on my ...

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