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Sipping Purpose

by Ricardo Magalhães

Praha 1 — The meaning and purpose of dancing is to dance. Like music, it is fulfilled in the meaning of its course. You do not play a sonata to reach its final chord, and if the meanings of things were simply e...

Dinner at architecture gallery w/Estonian curator from #openupfest revealed this #mediaecology gem: entertainment in Estonian, meelelahutis, literally means mind dissolvement.

by Daniel Latorre

Praha 1 — Sociolinguistics has always been interesting to me, how language shapes culture and its relative sense of the world. Finnish and Estonian are very similar, a unique language family. So in these cases ...

Third culture kid moments: strangers here initially think I'm German or French. Sometimes I respond in Spanish to mess w/them.

by Daniel Latorre

Praha 1 — The counterpoint to this is today I’m sitting here working on my Chicago based project. It all makes sense to this Colombian Norwegian-American.

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