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Beaches, Thoughts

When in doubt, go to a beach. I have something in my mind.

by Anna Frejlev

Hellerup — Apprehending certain things takes on heavy. Nobody born full equipped with knowledge how things should be done, appropriate reaction on certain events in life. Struggle to fit things into my world doesn’t make everyday life easier. On contrary. So… I go for a walk and 95 times out of 100 I end up on a beach. Just sitting there watching water, clouds, sails, wind surfers calms me, soothes me. Ta...

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Wish, New Year 2013

This year is almost gone.

by Anna Frejlev

Hellerup — What’s left of it is enough for to sit and with no hurry reflect on what happened with you in 2013. Good things has happened. Exciting things. What made, make and will continently make me extremely ...

Christmas, Winter, Wonder

The jolly season. It's this time of the year. Smell of Christmas tree and glögg, Christmas baking

by Anna Frejlev

Hellerup — Family cooking books, gifts are wrapped, snowflakes cutted out of paper and dangling on invisible strings. Songs older then I am, happy and loud from every window. People smiling. The jolly season whe...

To start Saturday by having breakfast at Hellerup Beach

by Anna Frejlev

Hellerup — Enjoying every second of sunny weather. +25°C is pretty good very unusual for Denmark, though.

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