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Christmas, Melancholy, Street

Christmas is over. And it's quite sad to see all those abandoned Christmas trees lying on the pavement.

by Thomas Hardy

Lyon — I love Christmas. It is a cosy moment we can share and enjoy with our family or closest friends. But each year, after Christmas and New Year’s celebrations, in the first days of January, I used to see the same scene around my neighborhood, at the turn of a street. Finding myself, in the dreary morning, face to face with all those abandoned Christmas trees, lying on the pavement, always makes me f...


A few years back I had my knee operated. It didn't go well and now I can't run...

by Nicolas Morin

Lyon — A few years back I had my knee operated. It didn’t go well and now I can’t run more than a few minutes before it hurts and swells. Today I went to cheer people running the Marathon.

Yesterday was Lyon's annual Festival of Lights. Put my tangerine light on my balcony.

by Nicolas Morin

Lyon — It used to be that inhabitants of Lyon put candles in glasses outside their window for this Festival dating back to the 1850s in its current form, with roots in the 17th c. In the last 10 years though...

A glass of red wine and a plate of cheeses later.

by Nicolas Morin

Lyon — Although it’s Tuesday lots of people in the streets at 8p.m. having “aperitifs”, Mojitos and lemon-flavored beers, half of them in those little old streets - no cars - on the phone trying to find thei...

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