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by Cassie Marketos

Paris — • Stay off the internet. • Find something to do and pursue it, whatever the underlying cause might be. • Figure it out for the winter. • Be in an amazing place where people can come visit you. (High priority.) • Forget about New Year’s Eve things. That is all bullshit. • Don’t let ___________ get you down. • Don’t think too much about things you cannot change. • Resist your audience, their ...

Coffee, Books


by Cassie Marketos

Paris — At Coquelicot des Abbesses in Montemarte, they serve you literal bowls of black coffee with your half slice of baguette in the morning. (Jam and honey pots, complimentary.) Before I left the south, I...

Home away from...

by Cassie Marketos

Paris — The first day: Stubborn, in the park. Reading with a coffee and pretending not to be cold. Watching the crows hop on icy drafts. Craving hot chicken. Earlier, a strolling bulldog passed the coffee sh...


Back from 4 weeks of seeking discomfort.

by Paul Baron

Paris — In 2012, we explored SF, Barcelona, and Berlin. In 2013, we travelled to HK, Singapore, and Jakarta. This time, Paris was the destination of a few weeks of research into business opportunities for AQ....

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