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How to be alone

by Maria Coveou

Cholargos — I came across this video yesterday: Experiment Ensam. It’s part of a televised (?) “scientific” experiment called Experiment Alone conducted by a Swedish gambling (!) company called Paf. They claim that they are “scientifically” trying to determine whether we have more fun with others than alone. Have a look first to see what I mean. The concept seemed rather interesting, until the end of the vid...

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farewell, gardens


by Maria Coveou

Cholargos — First it was (another favorite platform of mine that stopped existing), now… I was really sad when I was notified that come September (is it?) this platform won’t exist anymore. I was...

The Fall

by Maria Coveou

Cholargos — On the first day you are warned about the fall, so you are prepared. You have heard of exceptions, but you won’t be one; they are categorical. So you wait. More than two weeks pass and you are still w...


"I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world."

by Maria Coveou

Cholargos — Another favourite actor dies. But this death hits closer to home because Robin’s role as Mr Keating was the closest to a mentor I ever had and because the film Dead Poets Society changed my life. It m...

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