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Draw a straight line between Tel Aviv and Hebron, it's 68.5 kilometres long.

by Kati Krause

Somewhere — That’s about the same as the distance between Berlin and Templin, or London and Brighton, or halfway from Manhattan to the Hamptons. Getting to Hebron from Tel Aviv by public transport takes about two hours via two stops, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and costs roughly 40 shekels, or 8 Euros. No passport controls are involved. You use the same currency and the same mobile operators. Yet when you tell ...

Travel, Breakthrough

#Taiwan Journal--Final Episode: Uncomfortable Traveler

by Shu Kuge

Somewhere — Instead of watching movies on the plane, I prefer staring at this screen. This tiny jet on the map shows where I am flying right now. I cannot help but imagine, “If this plane crashes, would this litt...

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Seek people over buildings

by Kevin Kelly

Somewhere — At least 98% of most guidebooks, even the best ones, will guide you to buildings. Page after page of their listings of “must see” highlights are primarily lists of buildings and monuments. You know, c...

Travel, Complicated Situations

This is Youssef.

by Kati Krause

Somewhere — His mother is deaf and a terrific cook. His father smuggles alcohol into Hebron and fills the backyard with things he finds in the street, with the vague idea of selling them at some point. Mostly the...

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