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5 Essential tips for waking up and leaving in time for some shit

by Joy Boral

Kolkata — Set up alarms in your mobile phone: 2 alarms maximum, 5 minutes apart. One for knocking you out of one dream into another half-dream, one for shattering all your dreams and making you cry inconsolably...

sketch, Depression, Ennui

Counted 23 cows on the streets today.

by Joy Boral

Kolkata — Counted 23 cows on the streets today. Walked 2 kms, and travelled 16 kms by bus from my room to a tea-stall, and then a bus to the university where I don’t study anymore. I don’t study anymore, or ...

Kolkata, India, Travel


by Colin Wright

Kolkata — A friend of mine in Kolkata runs a fashion design company. She comes from an upper-class family, and as such has access to the resources required to start such a venture without too much trouble. Tha...

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