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Mumbai Pre-cog: How does one preceive a place before one has visited? Darkened alley with a young bright eyed sari clad woman staring at me, Steve McCurry photo like?

by Peter Morgan

Mumbai — Or from the google search thrown images: sterile bright blue skyline, quite gleaming high rises and wide avenues. The reality: Flying in low over dozens then hundreds and then thousands of what look like sheds. Other areas are hilly, which I hadn’t imagined and houses cover them. The airport is efficient and I am in a taxi in 20 or 30min. Surely it can’t always be thus? A new airport to open in 5...

Travel, Family, Thoughts

The Indian Visit

by Biju Alex

Mumbai — A sudden jolt woke me up from my slumber and I found myself on a pedestrian way inside a taxi struck because the driver chose to take the foot path for an easier access to get out of the mad early mor...

Travel, City walks, City Tales

Heritage Walk down the lane of 100 temples and other interesting sights!

by Mariam Dholkawala

Mumbai — Mumbai is such a diverse city. No matter how long you’ve lived here there is always something new to discover everyday! Tucked away a couple of kilometers from the iconic Chowpatty beach in South Mum...

Historical Site, Architecture, history

Revisiting history: The Gateway of India

by Abhishek L

Mumbai — Sometimes you need to revisit the places you visited as a child to appreciate history a bit better. I last visited this place some 18 years ago when it was just a large stone arch gateway to me. Revis...

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