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Coffee, Mornings, sleep

"Get out of the bed will you?"

by Ishita Doval

New delhi — She screamed from down the hallway. Her voice shattering the calm of my sleep. “Mum, its Saturday….” I droned ritualistically. “That is not a valid reason for sleeping till noon!” I dragged myself to the breakfast table. Eggs and bread stared at me as I fought my tendency to sleep on the table. That’s when I saw it. Sitting silently on one corner of the table. Acquainted by its one true love....

Life, light


by Ishita Doval

New delhi — Part true; Part Fiction Nothing was right. Nothing was clear. Unpredictability was the only constant. I was screaming as the agonizing pain spread all over my abdomen. I was lying in one of the innu...

Prose, writing, Mobile Computing

The first 'sketch' on hi! Coincidentally I landed here on *hi* today while googling. Capture,Write, Publish And...Big Screen Tablet. (Gifted)

by Labina Gul

New delhi — Writing On Hi And Tablet._.Night Stress Busters!!! I turned off lights around 2 AM but kept turning sides on bed for hours. Tried to change TV channels but nothing could blow my mind. I sighed, “Gosh...

Wish, changes, Perspective

The Red Mail Van and the Black Car

by Ishita Doval

New delhi — I never quite understood the etymology of the process. Not that anyone offered an explanation in the first place; I simply took it as it came. The afternoon had become exceedingly hot, as two general...

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