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Yoga On A Beach

by Dallas Sanders

Thiruvananthapuram — Breath in. Hold. Breath out. Breath in. Hold. Breath out. All I can hear is the waves from the near by beach. There is a gentle breeze. It’s the top of my hotel. It’s a completely different experience than the sterile yoga studios of Hong Kong or Seoul. The mat is a towel. The sounds are coming from the yoga instructor chanting. There is no pumped in sounds of water and wind since I’m surrounded ...

Self Conscience

It's been a long battled tug of war with my shriveled inmost soul.

by Ardra Dcruz

Thiruvananthapuram — “NO!” SHE screamed as loud as she could … But I ignored her arguments as I couldn’t consider her as my friend anymore . She was always a good friend but more than a sister . “I would never do that ...


Walking through the dark paths of our hidden world...

by Ardra Dcruz

Thiruvananthapuram — Darkness….! Fills in through every speck of light. Closing all the way that I walk through Covers up all that is in sight Changes everything that is good to evil Its darkness everywhere Dark lo...

New Beginnings

New city and a new phase in life. Looks huge for a little town girl. Hopes, dreams and long chain thoughts.

by Siva Shakthi A

Thiruvananthapuram — For someone brought up in a cozy home in a little town, the very idea of moving to a new city would sound fun and of course, thrilling. I come from one such quaint town, fondly called Pondy, an erstwh...

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