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The Old Library, Trinity College, Dublin.There is something beautiful about an old library like this.(My first sketch!)

by Paul B

Dublin — Dublin college. In high school my love affair with libraries began. School was too boring, I felt like it took up a lot of time but wasn’t helping me to learn anything interesting. So I spent my spare time in the school library, immersing myself in all manner of books. I remember learning the theory of how to shape a surf board and how silicon chips are fabricated. I read about the modern history...

Walking in the rain through Dublin

by Stewart Curry

Dublin — Dublin is an old city, with old paths and old ways. There’s no grid and lots of one-way streets — leave the car and just wander. Or Hailo if you’re in a hurry. In the rain modern repairs of 18th Centu...

Jesus lives in a patinated gazebo at the intersection of Grey & Reginald streets.

by Brian Flanagan

Dublin — The intersection of two quiet residential streets is made a roundabout by the anointed one pointing to his sacred heart. Lost tourists looking for Guinness use him as a landmark. As did John Newton, i...

Travels, Friends

People seem to be blurring away, as we stay in our bubble.

by Jon Low

Dublin — You know when something is important to you, when all your energies and attention is focused on that, and you stop noticing all that is around you. In a foreign land, with strangers all around you, i...

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