Stories in Florence

Hangin’ with Medici

by Jacques Dupoux

Florence — Nice trip to the birth place of the Renaissance. Saw many things. I laughed, cried, and ran out of deodorant. A weird policy on irons in hotels made for a tough day. Some good food. Some tourist tra...

Morning, summer

Waking in Florence

by Simon Collison

Florence — I awake to a beautiful Summer’s morning in the Boboli District. The heat has me out of bed unusually early and I find myself on our balcony garden, looking across the terracotta rooftops of Florence. ...

Travel, Prose

In so many ways, Florence teaches perspective.

by Kristen Taylor

Florence — It is a city from the old world, the one with merchant princes rising from textiles to titles, with artists and architects rediscovering Roman techniques to construct theories, domes, and marble cathe...

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