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Epic Trip 2013

Once upon a time...

by Mona Nomura

Chuo ward — On the southern tip of Japan, there is a land centered around a castle and a bear. The people are kind and directionally challenged (The tourist information woman told me to make a left, while tracing a right turn on the map. The train station employee inside of the ticket booth, guided me to the wrong train and I ended up going the opposite direction!) The young men shave their eyebrows like th...

Travel, Japanese architecture

My mind could have kept me walking for hours, but my feet had something else in mind.

by Brian Bukowski

Chuo ward — My travel exploration technique is to walk, walk, walk, and then walk some more. Occasionally with a destination in mind, but usually not. This walk took me to the rather stunning Osaka JR station. L...

Epic Trip 2013

Southern women and ramen.

by Mona Nomura

Chuo ward — What is it with the south and women? In the US, there are Southern Belles and in Japan, Hakata Bijin (博多美人). Hakata is a southern region of Japan. Bijin means beauty. This region is known for the beau...

The wordless traveller

by Ben Jennings

Chuo ward — My last night in Osaka. Exhausted, hungry, poor Japanese at best. With no English menu in sight, I impressed the waitress by ordering my meal using this photo from the storefront food display (taken m...

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