Stories in Hakuba

mountains, Snow

Ascending the heights of the Japanese Alps in Hakuba, Nagano Prefecture.

by Werner Schott

Hakuba — These are the moments, in between runs, that I use to take in the place. As I breathe in the pristine ambience, I think of abundant blessings and am filled with thankfulness. A wonderful place of the ...

Today's office, camp every day, Today's Commute

Notes on Living Outside Cultural Norms. Hard to go, sad to leave.

by James Gibson

Hakuba — Hard to go, When at home, it’s hard to leave… sad to leave. …When adventuring, it’s hard to return. —Ties of a different nature.

camp every day, nature, Car Danchi

Notes on Living Outside Cultural Norms. Chasing Hayashi.

by James Gibson

Hakuba — Up sun, Up lift, Up step, Up mind—Up mountain— Down wind, Down snow, Down slide, Down mind—Down mountain— Closed, limited, dangerous—waterfall, avalanche, rock. Against time— Chasing Hayashi. Clamber...

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