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Brando's room

by Craig Mod

Higashiyama ward — “Most Japanese girls giggle,” begins Capote’s 1957 profile on Marlon Brando for The New Yorker. I first came across this piece a few years ago during my Capote phase in which I was hunting down and d...

Epic Trip 2013

そうだ。京都へ行こう。Hello, Kyoto.

by Mona Nomura

Higashiyama ward — No. They are not geisha-sans. They are not maiko-sans (geisha-sans in training), either. They are employees of that restaurant. I’m guessing it’s likely a ryoutei (料亭) — a super duper expensive Japa...


Temple of the Pig?

by Michael Silva

Higashiyama ward — As the last light set on Kiyomuzudera, the crows came home to roost high above the crush of people who had come to take their photograph in front of the famous temple. Both the fall colors and the cro...

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