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by Mona Nomura

Kita ward — I rode the bullet train for 2.5 hours to see Andreas Gursky’s solo exhibit in Osaka. It starts next week………….. Oops. LOL

Fall, Landscape

Kinkakuji, each vista on the path is progressively more breathtaking.

by Daisuke Horie

Kita ward — Kyoto when the sakura are in full bloom is obviously and absurdly beautiful. This was my first visit to Kyoto when the leaves are changing color and I’d always wanted to visit during this season. The...

'What's in the box?' he wondered.

by Michael Camilleri

Kita ward — Around the corner from where I work is the Osaka High Court and the Osaka District Court. A few trees in front of the buildings remind office workers what the colour green looks like. Waiting there d...

A different kind of curry.

by Michael Camilleri

Kita ward — I was introduced to Moriyamaya by a friend from work and find myself eating there at least once a week. The shop promotes its curry as ‘Indian’ and it’s certainly closer in taste to that than traditio...

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