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Chocolate pacification

by Craig Mod

Mitaka — A year ago it was grapes. Now it’s chocolate. Or whatever we happen to have. RAH RAH! he screams and dances and smiles and laughs. He ate two pieces of dark Peruvian chocolate and a sugar cube. He will never sleep again. He runs like a drunken monkey. He is dressed in a snow suit. He falls. He does not care. A dog jumps at him. He does not care. He runs into some old people, through old people, a...

pudding, cafe

sippo(四歩) of Mitaka "Mitaka pudding"

by Shoichi Kokeguchi

Mitaka — “sippo” props general store and cafe Mitaka “Mitaka pudding” “sippo” small thrift store



by Michael Silva

Mitaka — In Inokashira Park the world of reality and fiction begin to blend near the jet lag fuzzied edges. The scene is too perfect. Are the falling yellow leaves real or has each one been painstakingly hand ...

Ramen, Noodles


by Shoichi Kokeguchi

Mitaka — Tsukemen is Japanese noodles accompanied by soup for dipping. Tsukemen TETSU

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