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Going on one final joy ride

by Johnny Strategy

Musashino — In reality, I couldn’t believe that my parents had finally caved. The oversized seat and the alien rubber handle bars and the wide base where i uncomfortably rested my legs and the exhaust fumes that made my bicycle seem like a toy - no, none of these were responsible for the dreamlike state I was in. It was that single fact that my parents now seemed open to the idea that their son, in their own ...

haircuts, japan, The Way Things Were Done

Shave and a haircut...two bits.

by Ben Dimagmaliw

Musashino — My abiding memory of true barber shops come from Looney Toons and old movies the ones produced back in the 40s and 50s. They were places marked by the red-white-blue lamp, spiraling perpetually to ind...

Cherry Blossoms, Weekend Walks

Sakura Cabbie

by Ben Dimagmaliw

Musashino — Amid a canyon of high rise mansions there is this valley lined with sakura trees. Given the harsh winter it was surprising to see how healthy and robust the sakura blossoms were, though some trees wer...

Public Transportation, Winter

We're just like penguin family standing close in blizzard.

by Sayo T

Musashino — Tokyo gets whiteout again. Snow keeps falling down on us stuck on platform, making lines politely in very Japanese way.

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