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An alleyway for my stomach

by Connie Tsang

Setagaya-ku — Landed in Tokyo. It’s so interesting being back in Asia after more than a decade, so I’m somewhat rattled, but to be in a city that’s actually orderly and not as blatantly polluted as the others is a bit of a godsend. I’m feeling so exhausted I can’t even sleep; wandering seems like the best solution to fight jet lag, and the quiet alleyways surrounding Sangen-Jaya station seem perfect for that. ...

japan, Travel, pilgrimage

The Gate

by Jack Cheng

Setagaya-ku — Every place has its own gate, and for Tokyo it’s this: a tree-like cafe in Shimokitazawa with spiced rum chai, walls of books, and a mouth harp player whose nickname is “Love”. It’s through here that ...

Invisible city

From here I can see the invisible city. 

by wolf darkowsky

Setagaya-ku — Organic, non sense. Things are here with no reason. No urban scenography. People wouldn’t stop walking, no benches to seat. No perspectives and transparency. Everything is translucent, you think you s...

Short Fiction, Character Studies, horror

As had been his habit since he moved back into his mother’s house, after dinner Ashley retreated to the living room.

by Lester X

Setagaya-ku — As had been his habit since he moved back into his mother’s house, Ashley once more retreated to the living room after dinner to page through his vast collection of photographs. He kept them in an ass...

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