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The Tokyo model, 1:1000

by Craig Mod

Shibuya-ku — I was invited to view a 1:1000 scale model of Tokyo today. It felt … liturgical. Like bearing witness to a holy object. It was WEIRD — let’s just say that — the response I found myself having to this thing. The model is INSANELY detailed. Borgesian, fractal. Everything is constructed and printed at 300dpi and you feel like you could fall headfirst into any corner of it. I’m not sure you can be...


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by Craig Mod

Shibuya-ku — These things take time — closing, opening, changing, editing. Everything I’ve ever worked on worth pointing to has taken 2-10x longer than expected to complete. Above, I’m with Chris, mid-Thai meal, ...

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Life in Tourtour.

by Luis Mendo

Shibuya-ku — After being in a full train smelling last night’s yakitori garlic breath off several salarymen’s mouth – I had left my bike in Omotesando last night – I stop for a morning coffee and think of the dead...

exhibition, presents, Milestone

A present to remember a week I will never forget.

by Luis Mendo

Shibuya-ku — This past week, my friend Adrian Hogan and me had an exhibition with some of our illustration work in a small but cute venue located in one of Tokyo’s fashion district, Harajuku: Galerie Le Monde. It...

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