Stories in Nairobi


Nairobi dreaming

by Dani Z

Nairobi — In Sandman cities have dreams and it is entirely possible to get caught in the dream a city is having about itself. This is how I feel about Nairobi: that every time I go I get caught in the dream and...


Mesmerizing Maasai eyes! Blue on the outside, brown in the middle.

by Peter Nacken

Nairobi — I met this guy in the Maasai Mara and he told me this was a trait of his people. Neither did I have ample internet connection nor other Maasai around to fact check his story … Now, a few days later...


So, this is Nairobi ...

by Peter Nacken

Nairobi — I am still in disbelief how different 2 capital cities in Africa can be. It is also a bit surreal. So far I could only judge from the way airport to hotel. Security is very high, the hotel has guards...

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