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The Backpacker Hostel Dormitory Nightly Ritual

by Boris Pink

Luang prabang — The worst thing that could happen when you got to leave your hostel dormitory at 5 am to get your train ride are people who got to leave the same hostel dormitory at 3.30 am to get whatever they need ...

Solo Travel, Best travel advice

Select the three modes of travel: Rest, Do, Change

by Kevin Kelly

Luang prabang — There is a trinity of travel modes. You might think of these 3 styles as 3 corners of a triangle. Rest. Do. Change. One corner is Vacation. In this mode, you are trying to optimize rest. You seek out...

Market, Food, local

I turned the corner and there it was: the morning market. Goods from the hills, fields and Mekong popped onto the street, a surprising abundance.

by Timi Siytangco

Luang prabang — The rows of tropical fruit were six-deep. Some fruit were so familiar I knew them primarily by their Tagalog names, which is how I learned them in school. Here were atis, earthy green, evenly lumped,...

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