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libya, traditional, textiles

Across my great grandparents' home lies a world of traditional textiles.

by Hedaya Kelani

Tarabulus — In the heart of Libya lies a city. This city contains all of the remnants of what Libyan culture used to be like; how people used to live, old houses that are now empty, street names made out of marble, mosques created with the most exquisite details; you name it. What intrigued me the most was the way the workers created fabric. Past the small tourist shops and the jewelry stores in this city li...

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Beach, waves, calm

calm waters & jumping waves

by Hedaya Kelani

Tarabulus — Every step you take is a step to somewhere when you’re on the beach. I wanted the wild waves; the ones that you could just throw yourself in and feel the mist envelop your tiny body. My feet felt the...

Libyan white dress occasions 

by Hedaya Kelani

Tarabulus — The brief episode of my cousin’s white dress occasion was electric. Cars gliding across the street with their emergency lights on, and endless, endless beeping patterns, and songs being turned up till...

Electricity, light

Lights Out

by Hedaya Kelani

Tarabulus — I’ve been meaning to extend this moment, but every time the idea crosses my mind, the power’s out. It’s different being somewhere where the electricity’s gone at least once a day. Sometimes more. In f...

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