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La Merced: Lost in Mexico City's Mammoth Market

by Connie Tsang

Mexico city — When I mentioned an upcoming visit to Mexico City’s La Merced, a friend responded disapprovingly. “You’ll get lost if you go by yourself.” I crossed my arms against my chest. “Oh, really?” I said. Translation: Challenge accepted. I love local markets. They offer everything I need in a tourist stop: the ability to explore, check out the goods for sale, and be surrounded by locals doing their ever...

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A musical oasis in the middle of the park.

by Priscila Princigalli

Mexico city — I walked around the city on my day off to find all the pianos on display by Toca Conmigo, an outdoors piano exhibit created by Luke Jerram. The Gold Piano at Casa del Lago is completly mesmerazing but...

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Airports are amazing!

by Paul B

Mexico city — Airports are amazing because they are filled to capacity with stories everywhere you look. Stories that are shared via a persons facial expressions or body language. I like to play a game called “Gues...

Street Art

The small details are fractions of beauty as a whole.

by Priscila Princigalli

Mexico city — The kid was singing this song: to his mother, while walking backwards.

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