Stories in Khumjung

silence, nature, Solo Travel

True Silence

by Daniel Steinbock

Khumjung — On the edge of Ngozumpa, the longest glacier in the Himalayas. It was here I heard true silence for the first time. No people, no machines in valley nor sky; only the eagles soundlessly soaring above....

buddhism, mountains, Solo Travel

Five Kinds of Waking Up

by Daniel Steinbock

Khumjung — The colors of the five Buddha families can always be seen waving on the wind in the Himalayan region, over mountain passes, water crossings, peaks, and energy centers. It’s said that each wave of a fl...

mountains, silence, Solo Travel

Walking by Everest

by Daniel Steinbock

Khumjung — I peaked at 18,514 feet, watching sunrise gild the crown of Everest — one fat king in a room full of (to be honest) far lovelier ladies. The next day, after crossing/crawling the treacherous Chola Pas...

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