Stories in Auckland

Auckland, spring, Happiness

Spring has arrived

by Benjamin Fraser

Auckland — I think that it’s time to celebrate. The dandelions are in full bloom, and the sun has started to come out. I enjoy this feeling. It’s like Auckland’s come out from under a grey blanket to see the sun...

Auckland is a wonderful city filled with wonderful people.

by Benjamin Fraser

Auckland — I’ve lived here for all my life, even though it may be short, and I now know that this city is our very own for a reason - life. Our lives are entwined around the harmony between nature and man, givin...

Growing Up, Family

A house full of history (aka: "Carolita smelleleta")

by Emanuel Rabina

Auckland — When Melissa and I went to the Taylor Swift concert, we had booked a flight back home the day after. However, we woke-up the next day to a text message from the airline, letting us know that our flig...


Our last little-big adventure

by Emanuel Rabina

Auckland — My friend Melissa features in my blog quite a lot over the years, although not always by that name. In the beginning I used to refer to most people by nicknames as I wasn’t sure whether they’d apprec...

Waiting for a bus

by Matthew Gatland

Auckland — “Sorry, not in service.”

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