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Life, Feeling alive

It felt good to be alive this morning.

by Aidan Rasmussen

Wellington — There was no reason for it. Another day. Like all the other ones. Same wake up call in the morning. Same thing had for breakfast. Same goodbye to my daughter. Same route walked to work. And yet I didn’t feel the same. You just can’t tell when it’s going to happen. I don’t know if it’s a thought or a feeling, or something deeper, greater; it’s that intangible shift that, for me, only occurs when I...

homeless, japan, osaka

On the way to work I was reminded of Osaka-jo and the blue tarpaulins of the homeless.

by Aidan Rasmussen

Wellington — I lived in Daikokucho, a short walk from Nanba and the entertainment district of Shinsaibashi, one subway stop north of gangland Osaka, den of supposed iniquity, home to Eastern European ‘hostesses’, ...

Views from a window, Hotels, Beautiful Light

Beautiful late evening sunlight.

by Craig Mod

Wellington — I’m in Wellington, New Zealand, a point on a map, but my soul — as William Gibson likes to say — is lagged. Somewhere over the Pacific. Lost. I was in Tokyo yesterday and San Francisco just a few days...

Food, Work stories

I swear this company runs on sugar

by Emanuel Rabina

Wellington — “Rowena!” I shout in the general direction of her desk. “Why is there a box of donuts on my desk?” Only 3 months into working for Xero, and I’ve asked a variation of this question several times alre...

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