Stories in Odda


There's a glacier in your backyard!

by Austin Moothart

Odda — Behind the cherry farm, essentially its backyard, is Folgefonna National Park. Olav lives beneath a glacier. A short walk up the hillside in the company of the local sheep and the mountains plateau ou...

Climbing mountains, nature

Playing on Norwegian Granite

by Austin Moothart

Odda — Summer in Norway is a playground for aficionados of the granite outdoors. The entirety of Odda felt like a couple inches of topsoil on mounds of granite. The water has nowhere to run and ends up pouri...

Travel, community

Life with a Norwegian Fruktbonden (Fruit Farmer)

by Austin Moothart

Odda — The days are impossibly long. I don’t think I’ve seen night time in a week. The Bleie family met us with open arms from the moment we arrived. A dinner of local sausage, potatoes and a fascinating rut...

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