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Mindfulness, Windows, Mornings

Trying To Wake Up Every Day

by Eilert Vataker

Sandefjord — Ascending from a gelatinous dreamland you open your eyes and suddenly find yourself obligated to deal with the practicalities of an external universe. Do not topple into that all-too-familiar state of dull, assumption-filled obviousness. Unveil the curtains. Let the light enfold your skin. Concentrate on the luminosity and on the warmth. Then remember that just 8 minutes ago these photons were ...

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Hanuman, streaming

Old guys on the internet.

by Eilert Vataker

Sandefjord — “There’s that wonderful Ramakrishna quote; When I don’t know who I am, I serve you. When I know who I am, I am you.”

nature, Mental Health, treetoptography

The Original Antidepressant

by Eilert Vataker

Sandefjord — I’m pulled above the canopy by a youthful lust for fear. As I gain footing a small bird stages a balletic landing in the neighbouring pine crown, glancing over at me unimpressed. 10 minutes later we’...

shoes, Cleaning

washing my shoes in the washing machine

by Eilert Vataker

Sandefjord — Brush off dirt and dog hairs. Take out the laces. Put the shoes and the laces in a washable bag. Put the washable bag with the shoes and the laces in the washer with a towel. Don’t put more stuff in ...

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