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American dolla-dolla bills: only the best accepted here

by Connie Tsang

Iquitos — I gave the man a whack of U.S. dollar bills. As in most countries that accept American currency, I was expecting a quick exchange, a flip through the stack of 20, a swift writing of a receipt, and bam, I’d be free to explore. But instead came an examination that seemed more thorough than my last dental appointment, and with the particular anxiety that comes with that. There were two other Peruvia...

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Iquitos, Peru: Of Mototaxis and Migraines

by Connie Tsang

Iquitos — Ah, motorbikes: I love ‘em. The fresh air, the tips of hair tickling my chin, body melting into the curves of the road, wind whipping against my face as if to say, “KEEP RIDING! YOU ARE ALIVE! YOU ARE...

Travel, peru, Women

Rose-coloured glasses, be damned!

by Connie Tsang

Iquitos — The floating houses of Belen…. Beautiful and peaceful, right? Well, in one sense, definitely. Mostly… Not really. Okay, I know I’m only three hours in, but how about I cut through the tourist-glo...

Travel, peru, south america

The Peruvian adventure begins

by Connie Tsang

Iquitos — I left my home 24 hours and four flights ago, and I’ve finally landed in Iquitos, the largest city in the world not accessible by road. This, combined with the fact that it’s warm year-round means tha...

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